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In today's ever changing technology, the concept of simplicity is often overlooked by the time a new product reaches consumers. New features, connections, wires, and protocols are coming forward at an alarming rate. Resulting in aggravation, disappointment, and buyer's remorse.

- Wouldn't it be easier to have one remote to control all of your entertainment choices?

- Want to have your home's air conditioning and lights automated to turn on when you are home and off when you are not to save you money?

- Maybe you need your restaurant to view multiple sources on multiple TV's from one control pad?

We Simplify...

Wired For Living is the answer to questions like these and many more. Allow our experience, knowledge, and understanding to make your entertainment, home and business work for you.


Exclusive Offers

Unify all of your remote controls in your current entertainment system, and get even more, with the nation's leading home automation platform, Control4. $999 installed!

Let us take your spare room and turn it into one of our exclusive Micro Theaters! Starting at $4999. Head to "Your Entertainment" for more details.

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